[9.81+] EvoRPG v4, Lots of fixes

After many hours of bugfixing and adding new content I want to show you fixed and updated version of my RPG/FUN datapack.

Before you scroll below: If you find any bugs during testing please report them to me.

I know +3 rep isn't much, but it's all I can give you as a reward.

Download [9.81+] EvoRPG v4, Lots of fixes:

(Downloaded: 33105)

[9.81] Global map with 50 quests: warzones, wote, inq, poi

Datapack has over 50 quests, all warzones scripts and wote with first mission. It's not done, so you have to finish it yourself. The map has 100% content from 9.81. Also the monsters have loot tracked from tibia.wikia.com with a tracker I wrote myself (although I won't release it). It also contains my own raid system with all raids from tibia included (even single spawns). :) :) :) Hope it helped someone.

Download Tibia 9.81 real map:

(Downloaded: 12503)

[8.60] Centera Evolution by Donio -> Doniio

Hello guys!

I've decided to release centera.vapμs.net 8.60 datapack for free since im not even using it anymore.

At one point this was the only evolution server worth playing and the record says it all! The record was 425 players online!

It's one of the best of evo servers (it has balanced vocations, alot of quests, spawns and tons of scripts!)

The pack contains:

  • data folder
  • mods folder

All without any bugs as far as I know, 1 year and 4 months of runing I think I'v coverd all the bugs :p

OTSERV: Keep in mind this pack only contains data folder and mods, no config or a tfs version, for it to work properly I think you need to use rev3777 (forgot all about these stuff but I think its rev 3777 :p)

Some random movies/pics of the server from wars etc:


Download [8.60] Centera Evolution by Donio -> Doniio:

(Downloaded: 8205)


ParadiseOT for Tibia 8.6 + acc maker

We presents ParadiseOT for Tibia 8.6. We are using custom map made from scratch. expect the main town which is heavily edited. Includes VIP town, VIP spawn, 10Towns. Custom spawns for each level.


Download ParadiseOT for Tibia 8.6:

Download ParadiseOT 8.6
(Downloaded: 4209)

Tibia 10.02 – TheForgottenServer 0.4.2 + acc maker

TFS Engine for Tibia 10.02. In package we find engine, data files, sources and acc maker for this server. Best engine is now for Tibia 10.02! Very cool map. Heavy fun!

Whats new?

- new town,
- new monsters, items, spells,
- client update to tibia 10.02,
- and more… look it!


Download TFS for Tibia 10.02:

TFS 10.02
(Downloaded: 383)

Minecraft 1.6.2 + crack download [JULY-2013]

We present very popular game which is Minecraft. We share this game for download for absolutly free! Game version is a news (1.6.2). In package we find Minecraft 1.6.2 full version, and crack. We recommend you download.


Download Minecraft 1.6.2 FULL VERSION + Crack:

Download Minecraft 1.6.2 FULL VERSION CRACK
(Downloaded: 2857)

Elf Bot 8.6 download + crack


We share Elft Bot + crack for Tibia 8.6. So that we have full version elf bot. Installation is very simple. Only need turn elf_bot_crack.exe, choose Tibia version and click "Crack It". We can enjoy the full version Elf Bot :)


Download Elft Bot NG for Tibia 8.6 + crack to full version:

(Downloaded: 3591)

TibiaBot NG 8.6 + full version + crack download

Download TibiaBot NG 8.6, with crack to upgrade bot on full version. TibiaBot NG 8.6 work only on Tibia 8.6 version. This is best bot for this version. Heavy fun!


Download TibiaBot NG 8.6 full version:

(Downloaded: 6391)

OTS Evolution 8.1 SQL original for download

We share clean evolution 8.1 sql engine for download.


In package we find engine, data packs, acc maker, and original evolution map.

Download original evolution 8.1 sql:

(Downloaded: 13135)

Wall hack Tibia 7.6 – 8.54 – HIT

We present tibia wall destroyed hack for Tibia 7.6 – 8.54. Use hack is very easy. Wall hack allows destroyed walls, items, each type! We approach to wall or item, and click in wall hack and wall/item is destroyed. If you have problem look video.

Download tibia wall hack: